‘Sanguinello’ – a painting by Mary Wallace ©

….every hue from tangerine through to persimmon.

‘Sanguinello’  was inspired by a sojourn in Piemonte, Italia where I breakfasted daily on ‘spremuta d’arancia‘ (freshly squeezed oranges) of every hue from tangerine through to persimmon. I didn’t see any citrus trees whilst there; but the colours of the fruit in the markets and the ever-changing blush of the ‘orange’ juice , sparked something deep down.

Ideas can take a while to come through to my painting them.

Sanguinello – a blood orange – grows in Sicilia and ripens just about now (February). It is a sweet and delicious fruit with crimson flesh. There is a hint of this inner secret in my painting as you will notice I have used red and crimson tones in the shadows of the yellow skin.

This is the first of my series of Mediterranean paintings: images of citrus groves full of ripe fruit suffused in golden sunshine. A feast for the senses. I want you to smell the citrus oil, be tempted to pluck a fruit from the tree and taste it right away.

Seriously; when I exhibited these paintings many people thought that I was burning citrus oils in the gallery! I was so pleased that the paintings had this effect. A true engagement with the senses.

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9 thoughts on “‘Sanguinello’ – a painting by Mary Wallace ©

  1. very refreshing painting.


  2. pobrian on said:

    Bella. Grazie.


  3. pobrian on said:

    Reblogged this on Simple! and commented:
    A wonderful painting by Mary Wallace.

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  4. Love how I can smell the painting with your description. Well written

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  5. orangey wonderful play with our senses!

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  6. Inspirational, both the painting and the author’s description.
    “A feast for the senses.” describes it all. The painting also speaks about the author’s ability to sense the invisible; things that most of us non-artistic people have become oblivious of. Mary Wallace brings us closer to the world we often ignore in our busy, monotonous lives, teaches us how to enjoy the ordinary, yet beautiful things around us. I love my painting, thank you Mary.

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    • You’re welcome Vera. Thank you all for your reactions to my posting. This is an opportunity for me to share my thoughts and ideas about the way I see the world and my interpretation of what I see. Something as simple and everyday has an orange! We pick one up to peel it and eat it without so much as a second glance never mind a second thought. All that complexity and beauty……an orange has more to offer than it’s refreshing, delicious taste.


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