June 21, 2012.” Thunder clouds rolling away to a new blue sky with plans for feta & broccoli salad and Greek roast lamb after walking on a Wexford beach on Blooms Day ………..and later I will start to read Ulysses, one more time, in the hope that I will get beyond page 237! One of those life challenges that I have set for myself. By stating it here I will be encouraged to make progress.”

That was my blog post this time last year. So; how am I doing with Ulysses? Much the same I’m afraid. Haven’t managed to make any progress.And so I renew my pledge. Yet again.

This year I spent Blooms Day morning in the garden. I cut the grass for the first time with the new lawnmower we bought two years ago! Not my forte – Brendan usually does it. But it does look lovely now and that gave me the urge to do battle with the weeds. I kept going even when it started to rain. Amazingly enough the rain was gentle and warm which is very unusual here. I finally came in when it began to pour and turned cooler!

I went to Bloom Ireland’s largest garden festival a few weeks ago and came home brimming with ideas for outdoor art. Watch this space as I roll out my new plans. I particulerly loved some mosaic pieces I saw which were especially made for outdoors. Yesterday I made a damselfly ( some of you – and me – might call them dragonflies! ). Last night I took a chance that it would not rain and stuck it on the wall outside my back door. I have to say it looks very pretty and I am very pleased with myself. Not ready to take a photo yet as I still have to grout it. Maybe I’ll take a sequence of photos to record the process and post them here.


I have tried to photograph these amazing creatures which I often see hovering and darting around by the Carrig River which flows through my garden -but without success. So photo credit :Umberto Salvagnin.

The Greek roast lamb with feta & broccoli salad was delicious last year. Change of menu this time to Greek roast pork ….

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